Alexandro Bitol Leverkus


My research focuses on the natural regeneration of Mediterranean ecosystems after wildfire and subsequent salvage logging, with a particular focus on holm oaks (Quercus ilex). What is the net role of mutualistic (seed dispersal) and antagonistic (seed predation) interspecific interactions on colonisation by oaks? Can the ecosystem service of acorn dispersal by birds into degraded sites be valued in economic terms?

I am also interested in oak assisted regeneration. Is direct seeding of acorns a viable alternative to seedling planting? Can we discover/ invent methods to overcome the problem of acorn predation? This has led to the invention of the seed shelter, a capsule that protects the acorn from small mammals (see figure). What is the difference in drought tolerance of plants from different provenan

I am currently interested in the responses of ecosystems to post-disturbance logging at a global scale, especially in terms of ecosystem services (i.e. the values of ecosystem processes for human society). For this, I am conducting a global meta-analysis to quantitatively synthesise the large volume of information available that has been gathered from empirical studies around the world. Are there any generalizable effects that could be translated into clear messages for managers and decision-makers? The protocol for this study, which has already yielded results (including a systematic map, a conceptual paper and a policy piece; see publications list) can be downloaded here:

Post-fire salvage logging


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