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    Química Inorgánica, modulo III

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Marta E. G. Mosquera grew up in Gijón. She graduated in Chemistry from Oviedo University, where she carried out her doctorate on Ru(II) complexes bearing P-donors ligands under the supervision of Profs. Victor Riera and Javier Ruiz. After her PhD, she moved to Cambridge University to join Prof. D. S. Wright group where her research was focused on main group chemistry, in particular on polymetallic compounds of alkali metals and group 13-15 elements containing N- and P-donor ligands. She returned to the University of Oviedo as an Assistant Professor, where she worked on diphosphine carbenes studying their possibilities as intermediates for the synthesis of new functionalized phosphino derivatives. Finally, in 2003 she moved to Alcalá University as Associate Professor. Her current fields of research are Organometallic, Coordination and Structural Chemistry. Her efforts are oriented towards three different areas. The first one focuses on homo and heterometallic aluminium compounds active in catalytic processes. This work involves the design and synthesis of new mono and polymetallic species containing group 13 and alkaline metals, and the study of their activity in catalytic processes of polymerization of functionalized monomers and co-polymerization with CO2. Within Coordination Chemistry her research is oriented to the preparation of new metal-organic frameworks (MOF) containing transition or main group metals with multifunctionalized ligands and the analysis of the effect of the additional functional groups in the final structure and in their behavior in post-synthesis functionalization reactions. Also, recently her interest has expanded to the utilization of Halogen Bonding interactions to generate supramolecular metalorganic structures.

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