Research and Innovation

Investigación e Innovación

The University is firmly committed to research as the engine of innovation and change.

It is ranked among Spain's top universities in terms of number of doctoral theses, patents and research output.

Through its Science and Technology Park, the university fosters relations between the academic world and the business community, thus fomenting the creation of innovative companies in R+D intensive sectors.

In collaboration with Spain’s Council for Scientific Research, the university is host to the Prince of Asturias Institute of Molecular Medicine and the Ramón y Cajal Institute of Biomedicine in collaboration with the Madrid Regional Government, the Madrid Institute for Advanced Water Research.

Through its own institutes and other research support centres, the university gives its backing to interdisciplinary research in the fields of the social sciences and humanities.

The university boasts four associated teaching hospitals where students may do their internships.

Research and Innovation

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