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The University's sense of social responsibility is apparent in its commitment to disseminating and implementing a range of values and principles that meet the needs of the society it serves and create a fairer world.

The University of Alcalá's main initiatives as a socially responsible institution are the following:

  • Social Responsibility Chair. The University has created a Corporate Social Responsibility Chair, which is a benchmark in the field both in Spain and internationally, which organises training programmes for degree and postgraduate students, and for other external institutions.
  • Sponsorship of the King of Spain Human Rights Award, with the Spanish Ombudsman. This prize, which is awarded biannually in the University's Paraninfo (University Theatre), acknowledges the work of Latin American institutions that have been outstanding in the defence and promotion of human rights and democratic values, or who have fostered the research and implementation of programmes aimed at promoting those values.
  • Environmental and sustainability projects. We are the leading university in Spain and one of the leaders in the world in environmental responsibility according to the “GreenMetric” ranking produced by the University of Indonesia. The University of Alcalá is the home of the Spanish Sustainability Observatory and has a botanical garden that is unique in the area (the Juan Carlos I botanical garden), a green space occupying 260,000 square metres on the Science and Technology Campus which is home to more than 12,000 species. The University also has a specific office, known as Ecocampus, which is responsible for implementing an Environmental Quality Programme on our three campuses.
  • University for Seniors. An education programme specifically designed for people over 55 years old who want to remain intellectually active, broaden their knowledge and involve themselves in university life.
  • University for Immigrants. In order to assist immigrants with their integration, the University runs a programme to facilitate their knowledge of Spanish and social conditions in our country which aims to act as a bridge between cultures.
  • We also have a Disabled Policies Integration and Coordination Unit, in order to foster the full inclusion of differently labelled people in university life.
  • We are part of the Spanish Network of Healthy Universities, responsible for promoting improvements in health and sports activities, and of the Fair Trade Network of Cities and Universities, an association that fosters responsible international trade.
  • Our Solidarity Cooperation Office organises numerous development cooperation activities and projects. More details are available at our University Cooperation and Voluntary Work Portal.

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