Centre of Foreign Languajes

The Centre of Foreign Languages is a long-standing institution with a remarkable tradition in language teaching and acquisition. Its linguistic offer is not sustained on so-called conventional languages such as English or German but mostly on others such as Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, or Russian, which are not so strongly represented in Language Schools or other centres of foreign languages. During the last 20 years, the CFL has received a wide-ranging number of students, who are particularly appealed by its outstanding variety of languages. The CFL is not only circumscribed to the university context as it has also found a significant response in the city of Alcalá de Henares and its vicinity. This very fact is demonstrated by the various student profiles that join the Centre every single year and which range from UAH undergraduates and postgraduates that are pursuing their degrees, masters or PhD dissertations to Erasmus students or retired professionals whose will to learn foreign languages has become an excellent way of occupying their spare time. Besides its purely academic activities, the CFL also offers a complete cultural programme whose main aim is to provide a general background of the countries that are represented in the Centre. Finally, the CFL firmly seeks to improve its performance by means of enhancing the links with numerous foreign universities that provide the Centre with highly qualified and native teaching staff.


For further information on our courses, timetables and fees, please visit our Web page http://www.centrolenguas.com

English and German

Our students can also study English or German on courses provided by the British Council and the Goethe Institute at our University.

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