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To make sure our students keep fit, the University of Alcalá offers them its sports facilities on campus and in the city centre. You can get involved in various sports, such as archery, badminton, fencing, rugby, diving, horse riding and mountain climbing, among many other possibilities.

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A campus for children and youth

Alcalingua, as International Center of Teaching Spanish at the University of Alcalá, offers a variety of programs designed for all ages. Among them, specifically dedicated to children and teenagers, Alcalingua offers different options at the University of Alcalá and those developed in summer camps focused on adventure and immersion in the natural environment.

Summer Campus: Spanish language and culture, adventure and nature

The main purpose of camp is learning Spanish in a natural and safe environment where the language is presented in immersion, with other local students, and used as a vehicle for the implementation of activities.
The programme consists of Spanish language classes during the morning, combined with recreational and sports activities in the afternoons, with excursions and cultural tours. This activities are complemented with activities such as climbing, rappel or zip- line and archery.

OPTIONS: Spanish through nature / Spanish Adventure / Spanish & Sports

  • Spanish through nature (PDF) Spanish  english  Chinese
  • Adventure and Sports (PDF) Spanish  english  Chinese

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