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¿Qué tipo de estudios ofrecemos?

Ancla Official Studies
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Official Postgraduate Studies

The University courses leading to obtaining official degrees are adapted to the European Higher Education Area and are taught at three levels: Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate (the latter two are considered Postgraduate degrees).

Master’s Studies

They are official degree programs whose purpose is the acquisition of advanced training oriented to academic / professional specialization or to initiate the student in research.

How long do they take?

They range from 60 to 120 ECTS credits (between one and two full academic years) 

Which orientations do Master’s programs offer?

Official Master’s programmes can have any of the following three orientations:   

  • Professional: training for professional practice.
  • Research: research activity to prepare students who wish to continue on to doctoral studies. 
  • Academic or other: training both for professional practice and advanced research.

Most of our Master’s degrees involve collaboration with external institutions or companies, and include internships which help students specialise in the orientation that best fits their wants and needs.

How much do they cost?

The regional government of Madrid sets the price of Master’s degrees by the beginning of each academic year.

What degree will I earn?

Completing these programmes entitles the student to an official Master’s Degree, valid throughout Europe. 

How do they relate to Doctoral Degrees?

They are considered the Training Period for the Doctorate and therefore students are allowed to start the Research Period of a Doctoral Programme, which they then continue by working on their Doctoral Thesis.  


PhD Programmes

Their aim is to train students in research techniques. The Doctoral Degree is the highest possible academic degree, and involves the authorship of a work of original research, known as the Doctoral Dissertation. 

What is the difference between the various Doctoral plans?

The UAH currently offers 3 Doctoral plans, which take their names from the year in which they were regulated by royal decree. 

The UAH has adapted most of its Doctoral plans to the European Higher Education Area.  You can find detailed information on the different plans offered in:

  • Doctoral Plan of 1998: Royal Decree 778/1998 regulating old doctorates, previous to the implementation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) in 2005.  They have now been terminated, so you will not be able to access the training period, but there are still a few doctoral candidates working on their doctoral thesis until 2015.    
  • Doctoral Plan of 2005: Royal Decree RD 56/2005 was the first legal Framework that adapted the Official Postgraduate Programmes to the EHEA.  Its structure consisted of a Masters degree as a training period followed by a research period.  It was repealed by the following RD and now it will also end in 2015. 
  • Doctoral Plan of 2007: Royal Decree 1393/2007 is the most recent legal Plan.It is fully adapted to the EHEA and in this plan the training period and the research period are kept separate, and thus the Master’s degree is separate from the doctoral programs. All Doctoral Programmes comprise a training period and a research period. 
    • Training Period: most Doctoral Programmes offered at UAH equate the training period with a Master’s Degree. Thus, if you already have a Master’s, you can go directly to the research period.  In certain cases, Doctoral Programmes can include a training period of 60 ECTS.  At UAH such programmes include:
      • Doctoral Programme in Health Sciences
      • Doctoral Programme in Planning and Innovative Education
      • Doctoral Programme in Medical Chemistry
    • Research Period: this involves the authorship of a doctoral dissertation. During this period the student will be provided academic supervision and access to the resources needed for carrying out research along with all  the rights accorded to Doctoral students. 


UAH Programmes

Aside from the official diplomas, Spanish universities offer studies aimed at obtaining non-official Degrees in all areas of knowledge.  These studies are designed to provide the knowledge and skills demanded by specific economic and social sectors. They include a wide range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees as well as Ongoing Education Programmes. 

UAH’s Undergraduate Programmes

These are programs in professional development which range in length from 180 to 240 ECTS.  

UAH’s Postgraduate Programmes

These include both Master’s Degrees (60 to 120 ECTS) and Diplomas (25 to 60 ECTS). 

Ongoing Education Programmes

One of the basic functions of the University is to respond to the educational demands of citizens throughout their lives. It thus offers a wide range of Training and Specialisation degrees which serve the diverse needs of businesses and individuals. 

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