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Official Master's degree certificate

Applying for the Master’s degree certificate

Requisites for application: to have successfully completed the plan of studies, to have obtained the certificate of completion, and to have paid all matriculation fees.

Please bear the following in mind:


  • Application for the certificate implies the closure of your academic file. Once closed, no new entries can be made to it.
  • If the Master’s has various specialities and you have already applied and paid for the certificate once, you thereafter need only apply for a duplicate certificate. For more details, click here
  • The certificate will be issued on application, subject to payment of the public fee valid at the time of application.
  • For all procedures related to the application you need a user ID and password. If you do not remember them, click here

Steps to follow:


  1. Check that you have obtained the certificate of completion of the University Master’s Degree in ...at My academic progress in MI PORTAL and that all your matriculation fees have been paid and that you have no unsettled debts with the University at the Receipts application.
  2. Fill in and sign the Master’s degree certificate application form.
  3. At Receipt management generate your payment slip. If you belong to a large family the corresponding discount will be applied automatically provided your file is up to date. If not, before continuing send a copy of your card to: secalum.postgrado@uah.es
  4. Send the application, proof of payment and a legible and up-to-date photocopy of both sides of your DNI (Spanish citizens) or Passport or NIE (foreign citizens) to: secalum.postgrado@uah.es or hand it in at the Postgraduate and Ongoing Education Students Secretariat.
  5. If you satisfy the requirements, the process of issuing your certificate will commence. If not, the process will be suspended until you satisfy them or furnish all due documentation.

Issue of certificate

While the issue of your certificate in material form is in process, you may request the issue of a provisional supplementary certificate.


Collection of certificate

Once the certificate has been issued, we shall notify you at the email address that appears on your file. You may collect it:


At the Postgraduate and Ongoing Education Students Secretariat:

  • In person: you will need to bring proof of your identity - your DNI (Spanish citizens) or NIE/Passport (foreign citizens). Photocopies will not be accepted.
  • By another person: they will need to be authorised by power of attorney in order to collect the certificate on your behalf. If the power of attorney is issued abroad, it must be duly authenticated and translated into Spanish.

If you reside in an autonomous region other than that of the University or abroad, subject to payment of the fee set by the University you may ask for the certificate to be sent through the Education Inspectorate or Education Office of Government Delegations of Sub-delegations, respectively, of the autonomous region where you wish to collect your certificate, or through the Spanish diplomatic representation in your country of residence.


Steps to follow when requesting postage:


  1. Complete and sign the Application for postage of certificate.
  2. Go to Receipts management and generate your payment slip.
  3. Send the application together with payment slip to: secalum.postgrado@uah.es
  4. Should a certificate sent to the address given on the form be returned to the University for reasons beyond its control, a new request form will have to be completed and a new payment made in order to reuse this service.



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