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If admitted

If admitted you must present on paper format at the Official Postgraduate Studies until 22 October 2019, the following documents. If the required documentation is not presented in the agreed period, you may complete the studies in which you are matriculated, but no administrative or academic document will be issued in your name until you furnish said documentation. You should also bear in mind your obligation to continue payment of the monthly instalments corresponding to the studies you are engaged in if you have not already satisfied them. 

  • National Identity Card (Spanish nationals), Passport or Foreign Citizen’s Identity Number (foreign citizens).
  • Accreditation of competence in a foreign language equivalent at least to the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages’ level B1 (only for Degree of Master in Training of Teachers of Secondary Education, Sixth Form Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching).
  • If you are not a Spanish national or a national of any other European Union country, you must contract the health insurance during all the master study, offered by the University of Alcalá through its General Foundation. For more information follow this link: http://www.fgua.es/seguros

In addition, depending on the issuing country of your university qualification, you must present the following documents:

Students with a Spanish degree or a degree issued by any EU member state, by any signatory of the European Higher Education Area or by a state with a bilateral agreement with the European Union:
  • The degree title giving right of access to a university masters degree programme. If the degree title has yet to be issued, you must present the receipt for the degree title fees (University of Alcalá graduates need not present this document).
  • If you are a technical or advanced engineering student and have passed all your subjects except for the final degree project, your matriculation in a master’s programme will be subject to that project’s being passed and the presentation of the corresponding degree title before 21 December 2019.

Should you be unable to present your degree certifícate by the date stated, your matriculation will be cancelled. You should bear in mind your obligation to pay all the monthly instalments up to 31 December. The reservation of your place may be carried over to the following academic year.


Students whose degree is not issued by any EU member state, by any signatory of the European Higher Education Area or by a state with a bilateral agreement with the European Union:
a) Officially approved higher education qualification:
  • Credential of official approval.
b) Higher education qualification in process of official approval or not officially approved:
  • Higher education qualification legalized.
  • Academic certificate of studies completed, showing official duration of programme of studies in academic years, subjects read, and work-load in hours for each of them.
  • Document from university where the qualification was obtained certifying that it gives right of access to postgraduate studies in the issuing country (only for those studies whose official length is less than 4 academic years).
Academic documents should be presented as follows:
  • Non-EHEA academic degree titles should be legalized. The legalization or apostille must appear on the original document, before making the photocopy for the purposes of official authentication.
  • Important note: original academic documents not issued in Spanish, English, French, Italian or Portuguese must be accompanied by a sworn translation into one of the foregoing languages.
Presentation of documents 
  • Originals and copies: in person at the Official Postgraduate Studies. Once authenticated, the originals will be returned.
  • Officially authenticated copies: these may be sent by conventional mail or presented in person (at the Official Postgraduate Studies). The copies must have been officially authenticated by a notary, a competent administrative body or by the Spanish embassy or consulate in the country that issued the document.
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