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Pre-registration procedure

When applying for admission to a University Master’s you must pre-register.

Before doing so, you should read the following important information.


Steps to be taken?

  1. Check that the UAH is the university you wish to pre-register at and that you satisfy the general entry requirements and the specific requirements for admission to the Master’s as set out in the academic prospectus.
  2. Check the dates on the administrative calendar.
  3. Go to pre-registration in University Master’s, and apply for a place on the master’s degrees of your choice. Please bear in mind that:
    1. You must upload the required electronic documents in PDF format (the files cannot weigh more than 4 MB each, and the total size must not exceed 10 MB).
    2. You may to apply for a maximum of 10 university master’s degrees in order of preference.
  4. The admission application will remain open throughout the pre-registration period bearing in mind the specific requirements (entry profile and selection criteria) proper to the Master’s.
    Students will be admitted on an ongoing basis throughout the application period. 
    In order to comply with each master’s selection criteria, no master’s may admit students to more than 50% of its places before 31th May. At the same time, should 100% of the places on a master’s be filled by 15th July, the pre-registration process will come to an end. Thenceforth, only those masters with vacant places will accept applications from new students.
    Admission applications submitted between the start and end dates of the established period (1st March to 8th September) will be held in consideration throughout the period. In other words, if, for example, a student applies in April, he or she may be admitted before 31th May, between 31th May and 15th July, or, if vacancies remain, until 8th September.
  5. You will be notified by email of the result of your admissions. You may also check it on the pre-registration tool.
    1. If admitted, you will need to proceed as follows:
  • Pay 250 € to reserve your place. This amount will be deducted from the matriculation fee and can under no circumstances be reimbursed except for some reason imputable to the UAH. The reservation of your place may be carried over to the following academic year. The payment must be made within a week of notification of admission. Reserve MU place. Information about payment of matriculation fee
  • Failure to pay to reserve your place in the period indicated will result in your non-admission onto the programme. In that case you may reactivate your pre-registration in the next phase by applying for a place on the same or another master’s. Your application will be assessed along with the other applications received.
  • If you are not a Spanish national or a national of any other European Union country, you must contract the health insurance, during all the master study, offered by the University of Alcalá through its General Foundation. For more information follow this link: http://www.fgua.es/seguros
  • Present the required documentation on paper at the Postgraduate School before 22 October 2019.
  • Should you be unable to present the documentation by the stated date for some justified reason, you must sign a document in which you undertake to comply with the terms contained therein.
  • If the required documentation is not presented in the agreed period, you may complete the studies in which you are matriculated, but no administrative or academic document will be issued in your name until you furnish said documentation. You should also bear in mind your obligation to continue payment of the monthly instalments corresponding to the studies you are engaged in if you have not already satisfied them.
  • Formalise your matriculation in the established period. The user ID and password are the same as for pre-registration.
  • You may appeal against your non-admission in the three days following notification by email. You may not appeal if the reason for non-admission is failure to pay to reserve the place in the time established.
  1. If after matriculation you are unable for any reason to take up your place, you must cancel matriculation in periods established for the purpose.
  2. All paperwork or enquiries related to pre-registration and admission onto university masters must be made at:


Postgraduate School. Official Postgraduate Studies Service
Colegio de León
C/ Libreros, 21, 2ª Planta
28801 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
Telephones: +34 91 885  6975 / 6976 / 6877
Fax: +34 91 885 6889

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