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Open Application for Postgraduate Studies


The current economic situation of our country is pushing all the public institutions and, in our case, The University of Alcalá, to come up with new solutions to provide a high level of training to those who are both employed and unemployed. Lifelong learning is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful tools through which we can improve our competitiveness as a group.

The University of Alcalá is conscious of this constant need of training for university graduates and of their desire to receive more flexible and practical instruction and has created an Open Application for Postgraduate Studies. This application offers the opportunity for graduates to pursue Postgraduate studies in order to learn concretes skills or disciplines within their sphere of study, giving them the opportunity to design a curriculum of their own accord, without being forced to enroll in a full university program.

Within the framework of this Open Application for Postgraduate Studies, the University will offer, during the academic year of 2015/16, a set of different Master subjects in which students can enroll in order to promote continuous learning programs as well as interdisciplinarity. In this way, the Application will allow the student to enroll in different Master subjects, given that there are available spots, and to perform an apprenticeship tailored to their needs.



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