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Premios Extraordinarios de Doctorado

During each academic year, the UAH grants Doctorate degrees Special Awards depending on the scientific merit of the defended thesis. Students who have defended their thesis during the previous academic year and obtained the maximum qualification of "excellent" and the “cum laude” award will be able to request a Special Award.

Application process

  • Complete the application for Special Awards.
  • Submit it in to the General Registry of the University (Registro General de la Universidad) between January 15th and February 15th of each academic year, together with the following documentation:
    • Photocopy of publications (articles, summaries of communications for congresses, book chapters, books) derived from the thesis.
    • Other merits you deem appropriate and which derive from the thesis content (patents, awards, etc.) specifying, in each case, to which pages they correspond to, as a whole or part of it.

The submitted merits will be valued in accordance with the research activity evaluation scale.

Only publications and merits from the date of the thesis project's approval until the submission of the application for Special Awards will be valued.

Award procedure

  • After valuing each candidate's merits, the Doctoral Commission will make a proposal to the University governing body for granting the award.
  • For each degree, one Special Award out of 10 defended theses will be able to be granted and one more for the remaining fraction equal or superior to three.
  • The student's advanced secondary education (segundo ciclo) degree will be taken into consideration in order to know through which degree they are requesting the Special Award, and, in case it does not match the completed programme, the Doctoral Commission will be the deciding body who will determine through which degree the student is opting for the Award.
  • The application for Special Awards can be refused.
  • The Award ex aequo will not be granted in any case.
  • Applications which do not obtain, at least, 4 positive responses from the Board members to grant the thesis a Special Award, will be dismissed.

Granted Awards for the 2007/2008 academic year.
Granted Awards for the 2008/2009 academic year.

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