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Título de Doctor

Effects of the Doctoral diploma and its provisional certificate

The designation of the diploma will be the following: “Doctor por la Universidad de Alcalá” (Doctor of Alcalá University). It will include information on the field of knowledge applying to the Doctoral thesis.

The Doctoral degree is official and valid in the whole Spanish territory and enables the student to enjoy the rights linked to this degree, pursuant to the provisions in force.

The “cum laude” award can be mentioned, as well as the “European Doctorate” mention (mención de "doctor europeo") on the adverse side of the diploma.

Application for the Doctorale diploma

The application for the Doctorale diploma leads to the closing of the academic dossier. Therefore, once the application has been submitted, new annotations in the dossier will not be allowed.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Application for the issue of the Doctorate diploma
  • Up-to-date or readable photocopy of DNI (Spanish ID document), NIE (Foreign Nationals' ID document) or passport (for foreign nationals).
  • If you are part of a large family (familia numerosa) or if you are a student with a disability, provide the documents mentioned in the following section: "reductions and exemptions of public prices".
  • Proof of payment (carta de pago).

Where to submit them:

At the Department of Official Postgraduate studies (Servicio de Estudios Oficiales de Posgrado) or by e-mail: info.postgrado@uah.es

Collection of the diploma

  • In person: you will have to show a proof of ID among one the following: original copy of your DNI, NIE/PASSPORT (for foreign nationals).
  • Authorizing a third party: via a power of attorney for them to collect it on your behalf. If the power of attorney has been issued overseas, it will have to be legalized and translated into Spanish.
  • In writing or by e-mail to the Secretaryiat for Postgraduate Students and non-official studies (Secretaría de Alumnos de Postgrado y Estudios Propios)
    • If you live in a Region (Comunidad Autónoma) different from the one of the University, the diploma will be sent to one of the Government Representation Department (Delegaciones del Gobierno) or Government Representation Office (Subdelegaciones del Gobierno) of the Region where you wish to collect it.
    • If you live overseas, the diploma will be sent using the diplomatic communication system to the Spanish diplomatic representation of the corresponding country. Please, indicate on the application your personal details, address, contact telephone number and the Spanish Embassy of the corresponding country.
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