University Masters Degree - Engineering and Architecture

Universitary Master in Advanced Architecture and City Project

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Qualification University Master in Advanced Architecture and City Project (M067)
  • Especialidad en Arquitectura y Medioambiente (M067)
  • Especialidad en Intervención en la Ciudad (M068)
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Participating Universities University of Alcala
Organising Centre, Department or Institute

Escuela de Arquitectura

Teaching centre(s) Escuela de Arquitectura
(Edificio Carmen Calzado)
Year Course Started

2006-07 (RD 56/2005)
2009-10 (RD 1393/2007)

Credits 60 ECTS
Official Duration One academic year full-time
Minimum number of ECTS by type of registration and course 60 ECTS full-time and 30 ECTS part-time
Type of teaching

Presential, with support from the virtual platform of the University of Alcalá


English will be used complementary and partially in teaching, mainly by visiting international professors and recommended readings

Professional qualification This is not a degree title qualifying with ministerial approval for the exercise of regulated professional activities.
Orientation Research/professional

Dra. María Rosa Cervera Sardá

Coordinators Coordinadora de Calidad:
- Dra. Isabel Ordieres Díez
Coordinadora Académica:
- Dra. Isabel Ordieres Díez

Academic Committee

Dra. María Rosa Cervera Sardá (Directora MUPAAC)
Dra. Isabel Ordieres Díez (Coordinadora MUPAAC)
Dr. Antonio Ruiz de Elvira (Coordinador Itinerarios MUPAAC)
Dra. Ana Rodríguez García (Coordinadora Itinerarios MUPAAC)
Dr. Antonio Gómez Sal (Profesor MUPAAC)

Contact Academic issues:
Tf.: 91 883 92 83 / 91 883 92 66

Administrative issues: