Universitary Master in Genetics and Cell Biology

Masters organised jointly by the University of Autónoma de Madrid, Complutense de Madrid and Alcalá

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Quality Guarantee

Course audit
Audit report
Audit ruling
Spanish Registry of Universities, Centres and Qualifications registration
Course implementation
Quality guarantee system
Quality committee Benito Fraile Laiz (UAH)
Esther Ferrer Cebrián (UAH)
Laura Torroja Fungairiño (UAM)
Rocío Gómez Lencero (UAM)
Tomás Naranjo Pompa (UCM)
Rosario Linacero de la Fuente (UCM)
Fernando García García (PAS)(UAM)
Delegado del curso (Representante de estudiantes)
Complaints and Suggestions
Work placement of graduates