University Masters Degree - Social and Legal Sciences

Universitary Master in International Business Administration (MBA)

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Access and Admission

Registration deadlines
Number of places for new Total places available: 50
Minimum number of places for masters to be taught: 20

Reserved places: 5% for students with a certified disability of 33% or more.
General access conditions
Specific admission conditions Entry profile

This masters goal is to train graduates to direct companies of all kinds and in any context, equipping them with the knowledge and competences required to build a successful professional career. It will also be of particular use to people with previous professional experience, and the mix of recent graduates with experienced businessmen enhances the classroom experience. Preferred candidates will have a university engineering or economics degree and will feel a need to strengthen their professional profiles with knowledge about business direction and management. Young managers and directors looking to develop their competences and skills in order to further their careers will be particularly welcome. Since teaching is in English and given the courses international vocation, students must have a solid grasp of English and an international and multicultural outlook. The academic committee will evaluate candidates CVs and previous studies in order to assess their suitability for the course, as well as their knowledge of English (C1 or above). There may also be a personal interview.

Selection criteria:

  • Related degree: 15%

  • Programme of studies: 25%

  • English: 30%

  • Professional experience: 20%

  • Other merits: 10%

  • By related degrees are meant all those which fall within the following areas: Engineering, Social Sciences and Law, and Sports Sciences (especially those geared towards the management of international sporting organisations) since among their competences and train gin schemes is included an economic and business training which enables those holding these degrees to satisfy the entry requirements of this MBA.