Universitary Master in Physical Anthropology: Human Evolution and Biodiversity

Masters organised jointly by the Universities of: Autónoma of Madrid, Alcalá and Complutense of Madrid

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Quality Guarantee

Course audit
Audit report
Audit ruling
Spanish Registry of Universities, Centres and Qualifications registration
Course implementation
Quality guarantee system
Quality committee - Dra. Consuelo Prado Martínez (UAM)
- Dra. Margarita Carmenate Moreno (UAM)
- Dra. Angeles Sánchez Andrés (UAH)
- Dra. Esperanza Gutiérrez Redomero (UAH)
- Dr. Gonzalo Trancho Gayo (UCM)
- Dra. María Dolores Marodán Serrano (UCM)
- Dª María Francisca Pesado Castaño (representante del PAS)
- Dª Sofía Zdral Noguero (representante de los estudiantes)
Complaints and Suggestions
Monitoring reports
Work placement of graduates