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What is a perspective?

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A perspective is used to further classify content using a cross-category grouping. Perspectives often answer the question, "Who is interested in this item or page?" A human resources page group might have perspectives such as All Employees, Design Analysts, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Sales Representatives. A travel agency page group might have perspectives such as Inexpensive Vacations, Moderately Priced Vacations, and Luxury Vacations. The purpose of perspectives is to enable users to quickly display a listing of content that is pertinent to them. For example, if you want some users to be able to quickly access all of the content that relates to being a sales representative (such as sales reports, contact management applications, and calendaring services), you could create a perspective called Sales Representative. When a user adds an item or a page to the page group, they can assign it to this and other perspectives. To find all of the available content, other users can then search on this perspective to see a listing of the pages and items that are part of it.

Since perspectives have the potential to be quite large, you can also create a hierarchy of perspectives. For example, in the Sales Representative perspective, you might want to have separate subordinate perspectives for sales representatives in the eastern division, the central division, and the western division.


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