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What are page types?

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Page types define the contents of a page and the information that is stored about a page. The information stored about a page is determined by the attributes of the page type.

Base page types

Base page types are the page types included with OracleAS Portal. The following are the base page types:

Custom page types

If you want to store more information than the default page types allow, you can create a custom page type. You base a custom page type on one of the base page types. The custom page type automatically inherits all of the base page type's attributes. After you create a custom page type, you can edit it to add attributes that are specific to your requirements.

Note: You must create an attribute before you can add it to a custom page type.

In addition to adding attributes to custom page types, you can also add calls to PL/SQL or HTTP procedures. You can pass attributes as parameters to the procedures if required.

Note: You cannot add attributes or procedure calls to base page types.


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