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What are item types?

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Item types define the content of an item and the information that is stored about an item. Items in OracleAS Portal are based on item types. Items are one of the basic components of a portal page. The information stored about an item is determined by the attributes associated with the item type.

Base item types

Base item types are the item types included with OracleAS Portal. There are two types of base item types. Content item types allow users to add content (for example, images, documents, or text) to a page. Navigation item types allow users to add navigational elements (for example, a login/logout link, basic search box, or a list of objects) to a page.

Base content item types

Base navigation item types

Extended item types

The base content item types are not actually available for users to add to pages. Instead OracleAS Portal provides extended item types based on the base content items. These include:

If these extended item types listed above do not provide enough flexibility, you can further extend most of them to meet your requirements provided you have the appropriate privileges. To extend these item types, you must have at least the page group privileges Manage Classifications and View on the Shared Objects page group. You can add different attributes to the item types to store exactly the information that you want. You can also add calls to PL/SQL and HTTP procedures and even pass attributes to the parameters of those procedures.

To extend an item type, find the item type in the Portal Navigator under the Shared Objects page group, then click the Edit link next to the type.

Note: You cannot extend the Item Placeholder item type.

Custom item types

If you prefer, you can create your own entirely new custom item types. You can base a custom item type on one of the existing base content item types or on <None>:

To create a custom item type, you must have at least the page group privilege Manage Classifications on the page group in which you want to create the item type.


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