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What is a portal administrator?

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Portal administrators have the highest level of privileges in OracleAS Portal (excluding the DBA). They can modify anything in OracleAS Portal, even pages, page groups, and providers that are marked private. (The only exception is groups: although portal administrators can modify the PORTAL_ADMINISTRATORS and PORTLET_PUBLISHERS groups, they cannot modify any other group unless they have been named group owner.)

When the DBA (or someone with the password to the SYS account) installs OracleAS Portal, a portal administrator account is created. If OracleAS Portal is installed in a schema named PORTAL, then the administrator account created by default is named PORTAL_ADMIN. That administrator can then designate other users as portal administrators, as required.

There are, however, several tasks that a DBA may perform that an portal administrator cannot. These include creating schemas, roles, tables, and all other database objects, as well as mapping lightweight user accounts onto database user accounts.

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