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What is a page group?

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In OracleAS Portal, a page group is a hierarchical collection of pages for which common attributes and mechanisms can be established that govern the behavior of the pages it contains. You can construct your entire portal within one page group, or use different page groups as sub-portals targeted at specific communities within your organization.

The top of the page group is called the root page. Every page within a page group is a sub-page of the root page. When you create a page group, a root page is automatically created for you using the same name as the page group itself. Root pages are often used to construct your portal's (or sub-portal's) home page.

Page group structure

Reusable objects are created at the page group level and can be used for any page within the page group. For example, each page in a page group may need to use the same corporate color palette. (If an object is to be used among several different page groups, it must be created in the Shared Objects page group.)

Some objects (for example, styles, Portal Templates, and HTML templates) control how pages are laid out and how they appear. Others (for example, categories and perspectives) help you organize and classify your information so that others can locate it quickly.

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