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Navigator: Internal Provider

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Use this page to browse and manage the portlets owned by this internal provider.

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Field Description
Find Enter a search string in the Find field, and click Go to locate a particular provider object.
Path Displays your current location within the Navigator. In this case, Providers > ProviderName.
Type Displays the type of the provider object. In this case, Portlet.
Name Displays the name of the portlet. Click to preview the portlet.


  • Show to preview the portlet.
  • Grant Access to grant access to the portlet.

Note: You can see only the actions that you are authorized to perform. If you do not see a particular action listed, you do not have the privileges to perform that action.

Creator Displays the name of the provider that owns the portlet.
Last Modified Displays the date on which the portlet was last edited.


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