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What is a navigation page?

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A navigation page is a special type of page that can be added to other pages to provide a consistent set of navigational elements. A typical navigation page might contain a logo, the page title, a login link, and a link to the home page.

Navigation pages differ from other pages in that they are excluded from searches and bulk actions performed on pages in the page group. Additionally, they have their own node in the Portal Navigator (Navigation Pages)

Although you can add any item or portlet to a navigation page, and even divide your navigation page into several regions, you should bear in mind that the idea is to add navigation pages to other pages. You should design your navigation pages to take up as little space as possible, so that when they are added to other pages, there is still plenty of room for the rest of the page content.

Once you have created and added navigational elements to a navigation page, you can publish it as a portlet. Publishing a navigation page as a portlet enables other users to add it to their own pages. Navigation pages can be added to any portlet region on a page. Navigation pages can be used only on the pages in their page group. The exception to this is the navigation pages you create in the Shared Objects page group. Any navigation pages created Shared Objects can be used across page groups.



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