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What is a page?

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A page is the face of the portal; what users see and use to interact with the content of the portal. In OracleAS Portal terms, a portal is a set of information brought together in one central location and accessed through a common interface. This interface is called a page.

OracleAS Portal provides several base page types out of the box. These include:

Additionally, you can create your own custom page types using elements provided by OracleAS Portal.

Once a page is created, OracleAS Portal provides many tools for designing the look and feel of the page. A page designer makes four key decisions:

Each time you display a portal page, it is dynamically assembled and formatted according to the content and layout chosen for that page. Dynamic assembly ensures access to the very latest information. Editing a portal page involves changing the layout—that is, adding or removing regions—changing the content displayed within the regions, or changing the style.

In essence, many versions of the same page can exist simultaneously. If you are the page designer, you control the extent to which individual users may modify your page. You may want some users to be able to modify the version of the page that everyone else sees (edit privileges), while others may make changes that are visible only to themselves (personalize privileges).


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