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What is the Shared Objects page group?

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The Shared Objects page group contains objects that can be used by any page group. These objects include categories, perspectives, Portal Templates, HTML templates, navigation pages, styles, and custom types (attributes, item types, and page types).

Shared objects enable better integration between page groups while permitting personalization at the page group level. Thus, anytime you want to share an object across multiple page groups, you might consider creating it in the Shared Objects page group.

If you create an object in one page group, and later realize that the object would be useful in other page groups, you can move that object to the Shared Objects page group. This is true for all page group objects except pages, templates, and navigation pages. To share templates and navigation pages, you must create them in the Shared Objects page group.

To create or edit objects in the Shared Objects page group, you must be a portal administrator or have one of the following privileges:

To delete an object in the Shared Objects page group, you must be the creator of the object.

By default, all page groups inherit the List View settings that are defined for the Shared Objects page group. Changes made to these settings affect page groups where the List View settings have not been personalized. Once users personalize a page group's List View settings, changes to the Shared Objects List View settings no longer affect them.


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