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Create Perspective

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Use this page to create a new perspective for classifying the content of the page group. When users create pages and items, they can associate them with as many perspectives as they like. Other users can then choose to view all of the pages and items associated with a particular perspective.

When you click the Create button, a link is displayed at the top of the Create Perspective page. Click this link to edit additional perspective properties. You can also remain on the Create Perspective page and create additional perspectives, or click Close to exit the Create Perspective page.

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Perspective Properties

Field Description
Display Name

Enter a Display Name to identify the perspective to other users.

The Display Name is used as the perspective name. It displays on pick lists and in regions where the perspective attribute is exposed.

Note: Use up to 240 characters of any kind.


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  1. Log in to OracleAS Portal.
  2. Click the Build tab to bring it forward.
  3. From the Page Groups portlet's Work In drop-down list, select a page group to own the perspective.
  4. In the Content Attribution section, click the Create link next to Perspectives.