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What is a style?

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A style controls the colors and fonts used by pages. It also controls the colors and fonts of the tabs, portlets, and items displayed within pages. Compare this to a layout, which controls the position of content on a page. If you want to apply a consistent layout use a Portal Template or an HTML Template.

You can apply the same style to all your pages to give them a uniform appearance. A change to the style means an instant change to the look of all pages that use the style. Keep in mind that any changes you make to a style affect the appearance of all the pages that use the style. Also, if you delete a style, all pages that use the style revert to the page group default style, or the system default style if there is no page group default style.

If you prefer, you can apply different styles to different pages to give each page a distinct look. You can even apply different styles to the item and tab regions within a page.

The amount of control you have over a page style depends on your level of privilege:

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